Reviewing The DNC Trump Russia Collusion Drama

The DNC wrote the Trump Russia Collusion script to deflect from the damage that the imminent release of their internal communications was sure to inflict. When the narrative failed to prevent Trump from gaining the presidency, they accelerated the fiction in a deranged attempt to delegitimize the election. Read More

Top 10 Reasons Putin Wanted Trump To Lose To Hillary Clinton

Top 10 reasons Putin wanted Trump to lose: The Russian hack of Hillary’s private server gave Putin a treasure trove of blackmail material; Trump’s plan to rebuild the military contrasts with the vision of both Hillary and Putin; Trump’s energy plan is a mortal threat to the Russian economy; Hillary took part in the release of Russian spies; the Democrats’ recent history demonstrates surrender to Russian interests. Read More

Trump Leak To Lavrov Was Old News, Except To Washington Post Readers

The Washington Post has a new Russia Hack meme: Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov had no clue about intelligence indicating that ISIS was developing laptop batteries to destroy airliners until Trump divulged the info at a White House meeting on May 10. The Post uses former (read: Obama admin) sources to hypothesize that Trump is still conspiring with the Russkies! Read More

Debunking The Russia Hack Meme

If Putin hacked the election to help Trump, we have nothing to worry about, because that would make Putin an idiot. Hillary was a doormat for the Kremlin. She abandoned the Eastern European missile shield; surrendered on START; gave Putin 20% of American uranium assets; facilitated lucrative Russian missile deals with Iran; surrendered US influence in the Middle East, and much, much more. Read More

Who Would Russia Prefer: Trump or Hillary?

Trump’s plan to rebuild the military clearly opposes Russian interests, and his fossil fuel based energy plan will devastate the Russian economy by driving down prices on the commodity responsible for up to 80% of its export revenue. Putin would have to be suicidal to overlook these realities and support Trump over his Democrat rival. Read More

Russia Hack – Democrat Party Empowers Russia In Europe, Middle East

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton empowered Russia at every turn while abandoning our allies in Eastern Europe and the Middle East. She surrendered in the START talks, scrapped missile defense in Poland and the Czech Republic, and opened the door to Russian influence in Syria and Iraq. The Russia Hack meme is a fraud. Read More

Russia Hack: In Skolkovo, Hillary Trades US Technology To Russia For Millions In Foundation Donations

In 2010, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton recruited American tech companies like Google, GE and Cisco, to a venture outside Moscow called Skolkovo which helped Russia gain access to classified military weapons technology systems. In return, the companies donated up to $23 million to the Clinton Foundation. Another domino in the Russia Hack fantasy falls. Read More